NESCAFÉ® ALEGRIA® offers a variety of quality beverages in a convenient, efficient and cost effective way. NESCAFÉ® ALEGRIA® is the Total Coffee Solution partner for you, providing high quality ingredients, reliable and efficient machines, along with comprehensive technical and commercial support

A stylish, reliable system for popular-brand beverages equipped with the latest technology touch capacitive button sensors. It's equipped with backlight branding that is both attractive and modern. It's easy to use, to clean, and to fill. With 4 product options and up to 8 consumer selections to choose from, the NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA 8/50 is ideal for businesses that serve up to 50 cups a day.
A reliable system with a vast array of popular-brand beverages at the touch of a button. Renowned for its style, simplicity and reliability, NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA is easy to use, to clean and to fill. This good-looking and hard-working system makes quality coffee simple and it makes it right, every time. With 5 product options and up to 8 consumer selection buttons, The NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA 8/60 is ideal for businesses that serve more than 60 cups a day.
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