Kung Pao Chicken

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chicken thigh fillet 200 gr
spring onion 20 gr
crushed nut 30 gr
dry chilli 10 gr
MAGGI Seasoning 1 tbs
MAGGI Chicken Powder ¼ tsp
Kung Pao sauce 20 ml
Pepper Oil 10 ml

How to Prepare

1 Chop chicken thigh fillet, and marinate it with MAGGI Seasoning
2 Fry chicken until cooked, lift and drain from remaining oil
3 Saute spring onion, and dry chillies, until smelly cooked.
4 Add fried chicken,kung pao sauce, pepper oil, and MAGGI Chicken Powder, then stir well.
5 Sprinkle with crushed nut on top
6 Kung Pao Chicken ready to serve
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